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All Our Songs Will Be Lullabies In No Time...

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"We are going through the same thing. My daughter is 6,” one reader from Oregon wrote. “When she was just a little over 2, she started telling us her penis had been cut off, and it really hurt.” Their family doctor won’t really address the concerns, so she reached out to Jean for help in finding experts and information. “I cannot express how frightening it is to go through this without support,” the mother wrote. “I am so afraid to make a mistake.” A mother from Atlanta wrote to say she can relate to Tyler’s story: “My daughter reminds me of this little girl who wanted to be a boy. I am constantly reading up on transgender, gender variant and gender non-conforming. She has not been diagnosed, but I am in the process of finding out more. My husband and I have been grappling with this for a while now."

Transgender at five: Tyler’s story leads to outpouring of other stories - The Washington Post

And so the social contagion begins. A tipping point. Media eager to show how “forward-thinking” it is and revel in the page-clicks. Concerned, educated moms with time to worry about everything and an internet connection…meet greedy, ethics-challenged doctors and delusional therapists ready to make bank. An experiment begins on our culture’s daughters before they even reach 4th grade. God help us all.

My stomach is actually cramping up like I’m going to be sick.

Listen to me this is an emergency. It’s going mainstream, going viral. Listen to me, this is an emergency.

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you know the gender cult think thing only exists on the internet and via very exclusionary radical privileged circlejerks? a family trying to accommodate their child and honor his gender identity is not an emergency? they arent doing this to get radikewl brownie points, the parents are saying they dont know what is going on but they are doing their best.

jfc get over yourself. there is nothing dangerous about this. 

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It seems parents and medical professionals are somehow going to bamboozle young children into experiencing discomfort with their sex.  And consequently medicate them.  Doctors are gonna give kids medicine when they deem it necessary!  And coerce them into surgery through trickery, logically.  People with medical training can’t be expected to navigate pro/con risk assessments regarding medicine.  If these people would just stop thinking and talking about it and tell their kids to do the same, it’d go away.  Through this “forward-thinking” propaganda they’re going to experiment on these children and cause them to live out their lives as a gender that they don’t and can’t feel comfortable or internally identify with!!!!  How terrible that would be.

"Concerned, educated moms with time to worry about everything" are going to perpetuate this.  These moms will maybe even make themselves sick over it.

Listen to me this is an emergency.  Transyness is gonna become super mainstream and popular (just like being a homo is), it’ll spread to your children by acceptance and learning about it.  Listen to me, this is an emergency.

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My girlfriend’s dad comes up to me this morning saying over and over again, "this is so cool, this is so cool".  He then unhelpfully explains as he’s unwrapping todays newspaper, "Sunday paper, front page, above the fold, huge print, huge picture…" before dropping the Washington Post down onto the table in front of me.

"Transgender at FIVE! Seems like a big deal to me that they have this on the front page… SO cool."

That picture is probably not… legal. Strictly speaking. So I’m gonna research that a little and probably remove this post. But yeah, my girlfriend’s dad is awesome.

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