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All Our Songs Will Be Lullabies In No Time...

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Another thing I don’t get in all this white clamor to be the loudest and most indignant critic of Chris Brown (and the grammy’s which are basically coded as black) is that none of these people can even fake pretending to care about how Rihanna feels. Maybe a domestic abuse victim doesn’t want you referencing how she got “the shit beat out of her” on an awards show stage so that you can make a cheap and petty point to aggrandize yourself. Is that how you respectfully talk about a victim? That’s how you reference domestic abuse survivors? As people who “got the shit beat out of them?” You’re just another piece of shit using the body of a black woman without her consent to aggrandize yourself and worse, to make a cheap, self-congratulatory point to a bunch of other white people so you can all pat yourselves on the back.

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